Tasty, bite-sized morsels for your soul.

Introducing Digestibles!


Life is often incomprehensibly busy.  There’s usually vastly more to be done, than you’ll ever have time to do.  But regular reconnections with the gospel of Christ keep us direction-conscious, while frequent encounters with words of enlightenment and encouragement keep us energized for the course.

Therefore, with the understanding that sometimes you won’t have time to read my longer posts, but may still wish for a small dose of something spiritual, I’m creating a new series: “Digestibles”.

Think of them as tiny packets of daily goodness delivered in small, digestible chunks.  Meant to keep you motivated, energized, and pondering, with the most minimal of investments.

May the Lord bless you in your endeavors…


Digestible: Be Sincere


Sometimes we do things only because we’re supposed to.  Sometimes that lack of sincerity destroys the value that could otherwise have benefited both us, and others. 

If you’re required to do something, especially something important, be sincere.  Sincerity can make all the difference.



Digestible: A beacon of light


“If you have seen one of the temples at night, fully lighted, you know what an impressive sight that can be. The house of the Lord, bathed in light, standing out in the darkness, becomes symbolic of the power and the inspiration of the gospel of Jesus Christ standing as a beacon in a world that sinks ever further into spiritual darkness” (Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple, 10).

Are you looking for a beacon of light in your life?  Try the temple.  It works.