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God’s words never cease…

Yesterday I posted “Writing an open canon, line upon line” and “Discussing an open canon“.  As a continuation of this important topic, I thought that today I would present you with a special treatment on the topic by an apostle of the Lord, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.   httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tz3rggCnhxQ&feature=related   Rusty

Satan is a good marketer, a lot like fast food

The other day I Stumbled Upon a site (here), which does a side by side comparison of popular fast food advertisements with a picture of the actual food item.  I’ve included a few of my favorites. The whole thing caused me to reflect on the similarities between this, and Satan’s advertising tactics.  He’s quite adept […]


That was me coming up for air…. I’ve been working till 2 or 3 in the morning for the past couple of weeks trying to prepare some new products for launch at a big industry tradeshow this week.  But, now most of my work is done and I’ve finally been able to start surfacing for […]

Sonia Sotomayor – Supreme Example

By now you’ve likely heard of Sonia Sotomayor.  This week, President Barrack Obama nominated her to fill the empty position in the U.S. Supreme Court (CNN announcement here). As with any nomination, there’s always a lot of surrounding debate, sometimes from both sides, about whether or not that candidate is the right one for the […]

Ask a Mormon a Question

As I posted here “Researching Mormonism – a Lutheran Bishop’s advice“, Krister Stendahl gives us three rules for examining another religion.  The first and foremost rule is that when you are trying to understand another religion, you should ask the adherents of that religion, and not its enemies. His words inspired me to create this […]

President Thomas S. Monson – his personal touch

Last night, in the General Priesthood Session for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormon Conference), President Thomas S. Monson gave the concluding address – in my memory, his best. His talk was powerful, with a strong thread of personality elegantly woven throughout as he communicated those things that he felt […]

Two changes in my life – Leaving WordPress

Leaving WordPress – Moving to TypePad Speaking of change, my experience on Wednesday encouraged me to make some changes I’ve been avoiding.  One of those is to move my Blog from WordPress to TypePad.  WordPress has been great, it’s free (after all), and very stable.  Unfortunately, WordPress.com is just not robust enough for me to […]

What do Mormons believe – part 7

(Disclaimer: These views are all based on my knowledge and interpretation as an active Latter Day Saint, or “Mormon”, only the actual article of faith I list should be considered “official”.  Still, I try to be accurate and do my homework 😉 We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so […]

Faith fitness – day 1 (Testimony)

This post is part of a series called Faith Fitness – increasing our capacity to believe.  Don’t forget to see the intro, part 1 (Testimony), part 2 (Optimism), and part 3 (Hope). Fantastic.  You’ve all joined me again.  That must mean you’re ready to improve the fitness of your faith and increase your capacity to […]

Recognizing the spirit in our lives

Have you ever just divorced yourself from being a consumer, and sort of stepped back and objectively observed the behavior of a typical cell phone user? It’s quite entertaining, cell phones are just funny.  Everybody’s got to have one (I’ve got 5).  And you take it with you wherever you go, because, well, someone might […]