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  1. Margaret says:

    Wow! What a great attitude you have. I admire your faith and courage, and that is ultimately what will get you through this. I have a feeling you have a lot of family and friend support, too. I will definitely be praying for you, as will many others. Take care, my friend.

  2. Kami says:

    Darn it, Rusty. I remember when I was always so irritated with you whistling your way to early morning seminary. And, here you are again, cheerily whistling your way through job loss and health scares. What in the world drives you?? You are an inspiration. We’ll be in touch.

  3. Rusty Lindquist says:

    Good News

    The surgeon says I have nothing to worry about. It’s something called gynecomastia, which isn’t cancerous or dangerous, just uncomfortable, and can be surgically removed. It just manifests itself a lot like breast cancer.

    Which leaves me of course, to now focus on creating more good news… income! And I know exactly how to do that. It’ll be the topic of my next post.

  4. Kade says:

    Rusty, I am happy so see that one obstacle is conquered. I will be praying for you on the other. The cut off for new hires in my line of work is 37 so you still have time 🙂 I still sometimes pretend I’m Seargent Largent; it could be like old times.

  5. Rusty Lindquist says:

    LOL, those were good times! And thanks for the prayers. Now I know I’ll find something soon! And Kami, I totally miss those early morning seminary days. Getting up SO early, scripture chase… those were the days.

  6. Matt says:

    Wow, Rusty. Well, if there’s anyone that can pull through this, it’s you. ALM just lost the best thing they had going for it. I’m glad your chest thing wasn’t anything bad. Phew.

    Let’s do lunch again soon.


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