The spirit of God

A beautiful presentation of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon.




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  1. ryan says:

    I love the irony of the tarred and fettered man pictured with the word, “nobly.” Inspirational. I noticed clips from many different church movies. Who complied it?

  2. mormonsoprano says:

    Thanks for sharing this Rusty.

    Ryan, Source code says it is housed at “ldsteencenter” on YouTube. Whoever did the editing did a beautiful job. When one examines the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints starting from the humblest of beginning, one sees the exponential world-wide growth as very miraculous, prophetic and significant.

    Millions have heard the message and have received the witness from the Holy Spirit that this church is the restoration of all things, promised and foretold anciently. The mob who killed Joseph Smith thought they could kill “his” church. They found out it is God’s church – and no matter what evil someone chooses to do to it or say about it, one cannot stop God’s work. Joseph Smith was a chosen prophet of God. He really saw God the Father and Jesus Christ that spring morning in the grove. He really saw angels who came and taught him. He did everything he was directed to do even when he and his family were persecuted, hunted, threatened and harmed. He sacrificed his life because he could not deny what he had seen and what he knew.

    The Spirit of God witnesses and confirms this to my soul every day. It is the most important message for the world to hear – God is not dead. Angels have not ceased. The heavens are open. He is speaking. Prophets and apostles are once more upon the earth! Jesus Christ is directing the work. He has provided more truth, and light and knowledge and power. It is available to all. We invite all to hear the message, to feel the Spirit of God, and embrace it! He “stands at the door and knocks”. Don’t be afraid to open the door!


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