The approach of fall – hints of change

The first leaves of fall on my driveway.

The first leaves of fall on my driveway.

Wednesday morning, I was walking out to my car to go to the gym, when suddenly I was stopped dead in my tracks.  There were leaves on the ground.  There were no leaves on the ground Tuesday night, when I went to bed, I was sure of it.  But this morning, they were all over my car, and scattered over my driveway and lawn.

I had the shocking realization that summer was dying and fall was creeping around the corner.

I don’t know what it was about that moment that struck me so, but for a short time, I was mesmerized.  I got in my car, pulled into the street, and just sat there, staring at those leaves, feeling that unmistakable feeling that always accompanies change.  It’s a feeling somewhere between unease and excitement.

At that moment I realized, how refreshing it was, the ability to experience change.

Whether it’s the simplicity of the inevitable change of the season, or the unavoidable turn’s life brings our way, or the far more substantial capacity for us to elicit change within ourselves.

Change is beautiful, it brings variety, it sharpens the senses, increases awareness, builds character, creates memories, and more than anything, the changes we are empowered to make within ourselves carries the distinct flavor of divinity.  The power to enact change.  The power to influence, ourselves or others.

 This week, I have felt grateful for change.  As challenging as it sometimes is, may we embrace it and leverage it to propel us to even greater heights.


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  1. bryan livingston says:

    I made a big change in my life last year when I moved from Casper Wyoming to Syracuse Utah. Still adjusting to the Utah culture. Darin Pace is co-working of mine and showed me your blog.

    In my new Ward in Syracuse there is seems to be an unhealthy obsession will food storage preparedness. Maybe I am the crazy one. Moderation in all things and follow a living prophet seem more important to me. But I am interested in yours and others thoughts on the matter.

    Check out Roger Kay Young website or Another Voice of Warning and Brigham Young’s vision of “tent cities” and maybe a vision of John Taylor and the end of the world.

    Then compare to more recent instructions from the first presidency on preparedness and see if you think they jive. And give me your personal thoughts as well.

    can you please keep my name and home ward out of any postings


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