Staying in tune

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  1. Terry Cryts says:

    You are so right. i am constantly fine tuning to get that signal. I am finally understanding this has been a problem for everyone and Nephi address’s it often. We just have to remember all the great tools givin to us to keep that spirit. Prayer, Scripture Study, church attendance, being active in your ward, callings. It is so hard at times but We chose Jesus’s plan not Satan’s and Satan loves to make us feel unworthy, he just slowly grinds at us but we have the best tool we have to remember to use them and not listen to all the negatives (Satan)

  2. Rusty Lindquist says:

    Thanks for commenting, and you’re right, it’s a constant battle, and no one is immune. I also agree with your point about Satan’s persitence in attacking our self-esteem. I’m convinced that’s his focus because of his clear understandint that we are so much more than he, our potential is eternal, but there’s a finite limit to his own, and that would harvest a raging jealosy in anyone, especially one as self-centered as he.


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