Polly Pocket doesn’t growl

I’ve moved this post to my new Life-Engineering blog, dedicated to motivating people to achieve their goals and change their futures by taking control of their lives.

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  1. Southern Comfort says:

    “Nobody likes to discover things that shake them out of their comfort zone, or calls into question life-long beliefs, and so we often try to make sense of things in a way that doesn’t disrupt our long-held beliefs.”

    Like Jesus being a fairy-tale?

    The irony of using a Bible story to illuminate the virtues of questioning doxic beliefs is amusing to me.

  2. ditchu says:

    You should be aware that the existance of a man named Joshua Bin Joseph (aka Jesus son of Joseph) knowen more commenly today as Jesus Christ, is well documented, historical research should find records in Roman Servays as well as other sources.


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