Hope – Is it an attribute of God?

In working on my book Escape Velocity, I’ve come to the chapter on Hope, and the vital role it plays in what I call “change endurance”.  It was like stepping off a cliff.

I had been moving right along, capturing the flow, the principles and practices an individual needs to employ for their change to endure.  But when I got to the role of hope, suddenly I was caught up in the enormity of the idea.  I caught glimpses of how deeply it permeates all action, both post-launch, and leading up to launch.

For context, Escape Velocity uses the metaphor of a rocket, which has to leave the gravitational pull of the earth, in order to enter orbit, likening it to an individual who must escape the gravitational pull of their past, their habits, their self-perceptions, labels, and other constraints, in order to reach an orbit of new achievement.  The “Launch Event” is that pivotal moment when you suddenly catch a vision of what you want to do or be, when you’re filled with passion for change, rife with motivation, and ready to move.

The more I pondered the topic of hope, the more questions I had.  I wanted to share some of those questions here, and solicit your feedback (thank you in advance).

The question I ask is this… Does God hope?

Is hope an attribute of the Father, or an attribute to help us become like Him?

Does hope imply imperfection?  Is it an emotion that aids us in moving from a state of less knowledge to more knowledge, or from lesser obedience to greater obedience, from weakness to greatness?  If so, does God’s omniscience, omnipotence, and perfect nature preclude the necessity or value of hope for him?

I’d appreciate your thoughts.


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