Glenn Beck’s Testimony on YouTube

I know this isn’t terribly new, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I think it’s well worth watching.  For a very public figure to open about his religion (especially the Mormon religion), takes courage.  I think if he can do it, if he can be willing to share his religion in spite of the career risks, etc.  than so can I. 

Thanks Glenn.



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15 replies
  1. jamessye says:

    I’m glad he shared his personal religious point of view, but I think people put too much emphasis behind other people’s religious status. Some people use their religion as a badge of honor and others use it as a Scarlet Letter against somebody they don’t agree with.

    • Uren says:

      Off topic but it appears we are now reaipng our support of an Egyptian dictator for nearly 30 years, giving Mubarak billions of our taxpayer money every year as a trade off for Egypt leaving Israel alone and not interfering to help out the people in Gaza. The USA has a long history of supporting right-wing dictators who serve our (include Israel) purposes .screw democracy for the masses. I was in Cairo during the elections at the end of November where Mubarak WON AGAIN in a landslide. The few Egyptians I talked to didn’t bother to vote as they said the results were always rigged anyway, so voting was futile. The problem is that the anger has been heard and exploited by the Islamists who are growing stronger and stronger there. Cairo was the filthiest city of the 40 nations I have visited and was told there was no garbage pickup. There are some dumpster boxes placed every few blocks throughout the city but it is easier just to throw trash in the street rather than walk a few blocks with it. The many irrigation waterways (plus the Suez Canal) were often chocked with floating plastic and other trash. Cairo has 18 million, the majority of whom are under the age of 30 and most are under or unemployed. Half of Egypt lives under the world poverty level which is lower than the US poverty level.

  2. Kat says:

    Glen Beck is great ! Check out his ned DVD Glen Beck Unelectable coming out September 16th..i saw a sneak preview its awesome !

  3. John Godley says:

    Glenn, Great testimony ! Your initial reactions to organized religion were the same as mine and your “hard living” sounds all too familiar. I was baptized on June 28th and I feel it’s the best thing I ever did. Thanks Again brother!

  4. Samuel White says:

    This is just a religions experience, his testimony is void of the creator and author of Love (Jesus Christ) With out Him, there can be no true salvation. Salvation come though faith in Jesus Christ alone. I am very disappointed in this testimony. You just can’t talk about love with out Jesus.


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