Don’t take on the USS Montana, unless…

I ran across this YouTube video the other day, and just loved it.


It makes me wonder at how often we blind ourselves to advice and promptings which would otherwise ensure our own spiritual safety.  Sometimes it’s arrogance, sometimes it’s tradition, sometimes it’s simply that we aren’t paying enough attention.


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  1. ditchu says:

    So true. How often do we blaze ahead in out lives and ignore the help sent to us.
    It reminds me of that Joke:
    One day there was this Guy clinging to a small peice of wood in the middle of the ocean, and a cruse ship comes along. The Captin of the ship calls out, “Hay can we help you! We’ll pull you aboard!” the Guy replies, “No! God will save Me.” So the ship goes on its way. An hour later an oil tanker pulls up beside the man and it’s Captin calls out, “You there! Can we pull you aboard?” The Man in the water shouts back, “No, No! I’m fine here… God will save me!” So the ship goes on its way. Well the man Drowns and when he gets to heaven he asks God, “Well, Why didn’t you save me?” God responds, “What do you mean I didn’t save you? I sent you two ships.”

    How often do we disregard the help God sends us? How often are we the Ship captins in the ocean of life and come across a drowner? How often do we go on our way after “trying” to help? We need to be more receptive to these messages. God often send us Help! He also sends us To Help.

    Great post Rusty,

  2. mormonsoprano says:

    That a hilarious clip! So typical military…
    however, I can relate in my role of “Commander Mom” – I’ve certainly been guilty many times of over-reacting to or misinterpreting my children’s signals!


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