A master puzzle maker

Gizmodo has an amazing article that is well worth perusing.  Eric Clough, an architectural designer, designed a huge 4,200 square foot Park Avenue apartment (that coincidentally cost $8.5 million dollars).

 What the buyers didn’t know is that he secretly built the whole apartment as one giant scavenger hunt, complete with ciphers, riddles, hidden doors and compartments, keys, the works…

According to the article, they found that decorative door knockers could actually be removed and pieced together to form a crank, which opened hidden panels in the dining room, where they found multiple keys and keyholes.  When the correct keys were used opened drawers with acrylic letters and a giant (table-cloth-sized) crossword puzzle, whose answers led to a secret panel in the den, which concealed a magnetic cube, which acted as a key to open the remaining 24 panels and ultimately revealed, in large type, a poem written by the architect.  You can view the article and many of the photos here.


I couldn’t help but see the analogy that our lives are simply one drawn out puzzle, where one clue leads to another, as we slowly piece together our comprehension of a tremendous plan of salvation of the Master Architect.  And when all the right panels have been opened, and we’ve correctly used all the keys we’ve been given, culminates in our seeing the poetry of our Lord and Savior in our lives.


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