My New Book

I’ve moved this post to my new Life-Engineering blog, dedicated to motivating people to achieve their goals and change their futures by taking control of their lives.

You can now find this post here:

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  1. Margaret says:

    I’m thinking it’s about time you’re getting around to this! Your book will bring hope and inspiration to many people. Let me know when you do a book signing! ;o)

  2. Susan says:

    Hi Rusty,

    I wrote a book also, and is now adding new chapters into it. I said before that I wrote a science fiction. It is named Future Land for the time being, but I want to find a better name for it.

    I will try to publish it in America when I go to Chicago on Febrary, 2010. I would like to share my ideas with you.

    Also, good luck with your book. Much success to you and your book. Hope it win as many readers as possible!

    Take care,


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