Every member a marketer

First let me point out that there’s a big difference between marketing and advertising.  Advertising is paid, public, intentional messages that you produce.  But marketing encompasses much, much more.  Marketing entails all the unintentional messages you send as well.

For a company that could be how you answer the phones, what your building looks like, they way in which you communicate to your customers, how you dress (Steve Job’s famous black shirt), etc.

Frequent flyers know that they get lots of expensive brochures, cards, and mailers from their chosen airline – that’s advertising.  But when you go to the gate and get a grumpy gate agent, or get on the plane and find it a mess, or have delays, etc. – that’s marketing.

Marketing is how you build a reputation; advertising is the “call to action”.  Marketing is cultivation whereas advertising is harvesting.

We’ve all heard the phrase “every member a missionary”.  Equally important is the concept of “every member a marketer”.

Everywhere you go, everything you do as a member of the church, you leave an impression – you send a message.  The cumulative messages sent by over 13 million Mormon members through their daily behavior -that’s marketing, and it’s tapped into every time a missionary presents a call to action.

We should always ask ourselves the important question… what impression am I making?  What message am I sending? 


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2 replies
  1. Todd Wood says:

    Rusty, many evangelicals have sought to tap into the power of marketing and have had huge success by the world’s standards.

    Joel Osteen, marketed in the Deseret bookstore, is one of them.

  2. Rusty Lindquist says:

    I agree. In this post though I’m talking less about traditional marketing, and more about the inadvertant marketing messages we as members send by our daily words and behavior. All of these add up to create public opinion, and we need to be constantly aware of the messages we’re sending.


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