Introducing TimeTube

I don’t know if you’re a big YouTube fan or not, but a fascinating way to browse YouTube is through TimeTube.  TimeTube lets you put in a key word (like “Mormon”) and up pops a timeline of all videos submitted that use that keyword.  You can drill down by double clicking anywhere in the timeline, or by using the zoom feature at the top.  You can play around with other features as well, you can even set up an account for yourself and create your own timeline (I’m creating one for my Blog).  But if you follow the link below you can check it out.  It will be interesting to watch, over time, the increase in the number of YouTube posts about Mormonism, particularly since the recent encouragement for Mormon members to speak up online.

Or, if you’d like to just build a TubeLine of your own, go here: 

I hope you enjoy it.


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