WordPress problems, missing posts

There was a problem tonight with WordPress, where many WordPress users, using the system during a certain period of time, had all of their custom sidebar code dissapear.  Unfortunately, I was a beneficiary of that bug.

I’ll work to restore that code as quickly as possible, since it is what granted access to all my past posts.

The post links will be there, but the categories are going to be messed up, and it won’t look pretty.  But I was intending to switch to TypePad anyway, but dreaded the ammout of work I’d have to do.  I guess the silver lining in this is that it gives me a good reason to just make that move now, instead of later.


UPDATE:  Okay, it’s now 2:00 a.m. and I think I’ve restored links to all my posts in the same categories they were in before (although not necessarily in the same order, or location).  If you find missing links, please let me know by commenting here on this post.  Otherwise, I’ll get started moving and redesigning.

I look forward to much more discussion today!


Two changes in my life – Leaving WordPress

Leaving WordPress – Moving to TypePad

Speaking of change, my experience on Wednesday encouraged me to make some changes I’ve been avoiding. 

One of those is to move my Blog from WordPress to TypePad.  WordPress has been great, it’s free (after all), and very stable.  Unfortunately, is just not robust enough for me to do the kinds of things I want to do.  I have a programming and animation background, but have been unable to use any of those skills on my blog because WordPress prohibits them.

TypePad, while it’ll cost me on a monthly basis to get these features, offers far more flexibility.  The end result will be a far more robust and interactive experience for my visitors.  I’ll be able to start building far more dynamic and engaging content, including interactive flash movies (like my upcoming flash-based presentation of the Plan of Salvation), polls, and lots more.

First Mormon blog in Chinese

What’s more, as I mentioned here (blogging in Chinese), I’ve decided to launch a Chinese arm of my blog, and had given myself 6 months to learn to write Chinese to get started.  I realized I was being lazy and selfish, and of little faith.  Who am I to procrastinate teaching the gospel of Christ because of a mere language challenge.  If I have faith, and my cause is righteous, then the Lord will provide me ample support right now.  If faith can part the Red Sea, move a mountain, and raise the dead, then I think it’s likely able to help me write Chinese.

So, I’m going to abandon my prior deadline, and start immediately.  Moving to TypePad will enable me to do that.


I hope that the change will be entirely transparent to you, but if you happen to hit the site and have nothing come up, don’t worry, I’m not dead, just moving (so to speak).

Now, what is there in your life that you’d like to change?


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