It’s a boy!!!

Yes, I know, I haven’t posted in a whole week, but for good reason.  Last Saturday, very, very, very, VERY early in the morning my darling wife gave birth to our newest little boy, Carson Ray Lindquist. 

He came a full two weeks early, but true to the mold, still weighed in at 8 lbs 7 oz, and was almost 22 inches long.

He’s now our fifth boy… much to the chagrin of my only little girl – the princess (family photo available at the bottom of “about me“).

While it’s true, most newborns look somewhat akin to aliens, I must be wearing my Daddy Lenses ‘cause I think he’s simply adorable, and squeezable, and totally sniffable (yes, I love that new-baby smell, kind of like the smell of a new car, only for humans).

So I took the week off work, did almost nothing besides partying and playing with my other kids while my wife and newborn rested up.  But, I did get lots of musing done, and have a full list of blog topics to resume my one-or-two-a-day post commitment.  I think you’ll enjoy them, and I guarantee one or two are bound to incite quite a ruckus of comments.  It’ll keep things lively at least.

Here are just a few photos of my little boy.  Click for a larger photo, click again for one even larger.


Unbaptized babies will be saved

If you are one who has suffered the loss of a child that was not baptized, and have been coldly told by your church that your child is damned, and will go to hell, I testify to you in the name of Christ that this is false doctrine.  It’s simply not true.  What’s more, they are still your children, and you will have the chance to be with them again.

Indeed, little children are born mortal, which means they’re subject to sin.  But that doesn’t mean they’re born into sin.  Sin is when we willfully transgress the laws of God.  If you at least had the chance to hold your little child before they were taken from you, and looked into their little eyes, and felt the unmistakable bond of love with them, then you too know that they are pure, that there’s no way their little spirit had willfully transgressed the laws of God.

Nobody can tell me that a little child, least of all an infant, is capable of truly understanding the laws of god and willfully disobeying them.

Little children are alive in Christ.  The Savior taught that we too, must become as these little children.  Little children are naturally full of hope, they believe, their eyes speak of their innocence, they’re full of love and life, not sin and iniquity. 

What terrible, mutated doctrine it is to say that these little spirits will be cruelly cast into hell.  How cold and calculating is that belief, a belief born out of commercialized religion.  Marketing to fear has always been successful, but it’s a shame it had to be put on you, in the name of religion, to compound your grief.  And how incongruous is that teaching with the notion that Christ’s mercy is somehow sufficient to save man from their sin, but somehow insufficient to save a baby from something over which they had no control, and who is incapable of sin.

But the true doctrine of Christ is that your child is not in hell, no, his doctrine is one of hope.

1 Corinthians 15:29 says “Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all?  Why are they then baptized for the dead?”  Why indeed would there be baptism for the dead, if after you died it was too late?

But such is not the case.  They are your children still, and there will come a time when they will be with you again.  You will hold them again, look into their eyes, and feel that unmistakable bond of love. 

Sure, they will need to be baptized for their eventual exaltation, such is clear in scripture, but baptism for the dead as spoken of in Corinthians happens this very day in Mormon temples around the world.  Direct fulfillment of the words of both ancient and latter day prophets, making possible the salvation of souls who have gone before, without the opportunity to be baptized by one who has the proper authority of the priesthood of God.

I testify to you that this is true, and invite you to learn more about the miracles of Mormonism, and the clarity of pure doctrine.  May god bless you with strength, and bring your family together again in eternity.



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