To teach or not to teach

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  1. kenjebz says:

    We just had a baby over a month ago too. “The one thing life guarantees is change. So for those of us who endeavor to teach, in whatever capacity, never lose hope, never stop trying, and never let discouragement spoil your vigor.

    For you never know when the lives of those who hear you will be divinely aligned in just the right way to prepare them for what you have to say.”

    I honestly like that. Very true, very moving!

  2. Margaret says:

    Sometimes lessons are learned from an unlikely source. Sometimes our children don’t listen to parents, teachers or leaders. In our case a young man came along (who later became our son in law) and saw something in our daughter that most others couldn’t see. With his help she was able to make that “mighty Change” and become what she was meant to be. I can’t put into words how grateful we are to him. I always pray that we will be able to meet people and have experiences that will keep us on, or bring us back to the path the Lord would have us take.

  3. Mrs. Thoughtskoto says:

    It’s really amazing how children learn from us. I’d been teaching to Primary for almost a year now, and I remember how sometimes I feel discouraged whenever I teach and they don’t seemed to understand what we are teaching them. What I’ve learned is that by simply loving them, they will know how to love also, by this all other virtues follow.

  4. Margaret says:

    I really like that! I’ve been in the nursery 5 different times through the years (maybe someday I’ll get it right :o) ). Teaching a lesson most of the time seems like a lost cause, but every once in a while that little light glimmers and they’ll repeat back something you said 3 weeks ago. Those sweet little spirits do need to learn that others besides Dad & Mom can love them, especially their Heavenly Father!

  5. Linda says:

    Very impressive example!

    I enjoyed being a teacher for 5 years. And there was always love between my students and me.We say often In Chinese that teachers are the engineers of human souls. They are there not only for teaching how to obtain knowledge, but also for guiding how to be good human beings.


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