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by Rusty Lindquist on January 25, 2011 · 0 comments

For all of you iPhone fans (like myself), you’ll be happy to know that on August 6th, Michael Jensen (who brought us – the free, web-based app) released a full-fledged (natively installed) scriptures app for the iPhone.

It contains LDS Scriptures including the Old Testament, New Testament (KJV), the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.  It also contains additional LDS content like Teachings of the Presidents of the Church manual, Hyms, the Book of Mormon Study Guide, and even General Conference talks!

They’re soon going to be releasing the ability to search, bookmark, add footnotes, cross-referencing, highlighting, and more.

The app is available in iTunes right now (just search for “Scriptures”.  It is a bit spendy in comparison to other apps, asking a full $14.99, but on the other hand, the economics of the model make sense.  Whenever you have a smaller target audience, you have to charge more, whereas when you have a really large target audience, you can charge less and rely on mass to make the same revenue.

There are already 270 reviews, giving it an average rating of 3 ½ out of 5 possible stars.  But in looking through the reviews, it seems most of those that rated it poorly did so because of the price, not the quality of the app.

If the $14.99 is a deal-killer for you, Lee Falin has also released a version that is free, called “The Scriptures”.  His is also natively installed and doesn’t require an internet connection, but is limited to the Standard Works without the extra “goodies” of additional LDS content.  Still, it’s hard to beat free.  he too plans on updating his for footnotes, Topical guide, Bible Dictionary, ability to mark scriptures, and even aditional language support!

You can find more on Lee’s blog here.  His app currently has 101 reviews, averaging 4 1/2 stars (the cost is a big deal).  Most of his lower ratings are Mormon critics voting down the app because of the religion, not the app.  But it looks great.

I’ll download them both tonight from home to try myself.  If you’ve already tried either one, please let us know how you like them.



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1 Terry Evans November 13, 2008 at 4:54 PM

This is a little plug for my iPhone application to add it to your list.

It’s named “LDS Books” and has been for sale for about a month on iTunes. All of the users love it so far as you can see from their reviews.

Direct iTunes link:
LDS Books website:


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