Christianity explodes in China

by Rusty Lindquist on January 25, 2011 · 0 comments

In contradiction to my other post today about a decline in online searches for Christian terms (here), China seems to be one place where the public IS turning to Christ.  Since the Tianamen Square incident, a turning point in China’s history, the people are becoming increasingly bold, and the government increasingly tolerant in permitting Christianity.  Communism is becoming engulfed in the free-market society of today, led by the western world.

There was an article today in the Chicago Tribune entitled “Jesus in China“, covering the explosion of Christianity in the Mainland.

Christianity is illegal in most of China, and has been for more than half a century, but according to the article, some estimates are that there are as many as 70 million Christians now in mainland China (5% of the population and second only to Buddhism), and all through word-of-mouth evangelical efforts of its citizens.

“Please leave” was the appeal from the pulpit by Jin Mingri, a 39 year old pastor looking out at a standing room only crowd in a converted office space in Shanghai.  “We don’t have enough seats for others who want to come, so please, only stay for one service a day”.

If you’re more interested in the spread of Christianity in China, there will be a PBS special on it Tomorrow (Tuesday June 24th), on Frontline World (8 pm MST).  You can find more on their website here.


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1 treadmarkz June 24, 2008 at 10:38 AM

wow that’ s great. The Chinese have…oh my God….Choices! And its even better that it is all through word of mouth, just like the original Christian church.


2 June 24, 2008 at 12:32 PM

Second that!


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