A windshield wiper for life

I’ve moved this post to my new Life-Engineering blog, dedicated to motivating people to achieve their goals and change their futures by taking control of their lives.

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  1. undergroundnetwork says:

    I like the metaphor, I imagine most people can relate to it. Everyone has different windscreen wiper though. Something that allows you to escape from the madness, take a breather, and gain some clarity in their thought. I actually understand how yours is the temple, I can see how that would work for you. As an atheist, mine is a good book, something philosophical. Somewhere to get lost in for a bit, gain an interesting insight, and then return to reality with a new perspective on something. Perhaps music works for others, or even blogging.

  2. Rusty Lindquist says:

    What an important addition. You’re so correct. We all have our various ways of clearing our mind, refocusing ourselves, and resetting our priorities. What’s important is to ensure we do those things in regular enough intervals that we don’t let ourselves ever drive too long with a blurry windshield.

    Thanks for your comment, and please come again.


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