A Christian call to action

Fighting has broken out between Georgia and Russia, and is taking place right in the Georgian capital.  CNN is reporting that heavy casualties have been reported on both sides.

Lyudmila Ostayeva, who lives in the capital, said “I saw bodies lying on the streets, around ruined buildings, in cars.  It’s impossible to count them now.  There is hardly a single building left undamaged.

Sarmat Laliyev told AP “They are killing civilians, women and children, with heavy artillery and rockets”.  You can read the full story here and click here for photos.

The Georgian president, Mikhail Saakashvili tells about how the Russian warplanes are targeting the civilian population and residential areas.  He’s now putting political pressure on the US for to get involved and send in troops to fight Russia.

How can we get involved?  There are likely many ways, not the least of which (but perhaps the most simple and immediate, if not the most powerful) is simply through prayer.

It’s easy to watch these events happen on the news, and simply turn off the TV to return to our lives of luxury and comfort.  But as Christians we have a responsibility, a responsibility to be filled with charity, and to let our genuine concern drift to all the peoples of the earth, especially those in war torn areas of the world.

But prayer is a real and mighty power, allowing us to draw upon the powers of heaven to intervene in the lives of man, that the souls of those affected might be comforted, strengthened to shoulder the burdens placed upon them, and that the hearts of those directing the conflict might be softened, that a resolution might be reached speedily.

For are we not all sons and daughters of God?  We cannot simply sit unfeeling as our brothers and sister perish and suffer.  May we all cast our voices heavenward in unity, and be one in might, mind, and intent, our voices lifted up together to pray the help of an all-powerful Father. 


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  1. Rusty Lindquist says:

    I’m sorry that you have yet to personally experience the power of prayer and the reality of Gods ability to listen and capacity to respond. I hope that someday you can experience it for yourself, for it is an incredible moment, when you find that your pleas have been heard, and answered. There are few things more marvelous to the mind of man then the answered prayer.


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