Faith Fitness – day 3 (Hope)

This post is part of a series called Faith Fitness – increasing our capacity to believe.  Don’t forget to see the intro, part 1 (Testimony), part 2 (Optimism), and part 3 (Hope).

Moving right along to day three, things start to get exciting, for we’re slowly starting to get more “active”.

Think of Faith as full action, for we’re really talking about active faith, where you’re intent is to affect things through the power of belief, and not simply a passive conviction of principles and ideas.  But before we can get to that level of activity, we have to move in small, simple steps (by small and simple things are great things brought to pass).

Day one (testimony) we built a foundation of principles strong enough to support the full power of faith.

Day two (optimism) we opened our eyes to a world where we see beyond “reality”.  It required a small amount of action, where we open our eyes and look beyond, seeing the world not as it is, but as it can be.  This is a world where all things become possible.

But today, with hope, we take it one step further.

Hope is where you move from just seeing what COULD be, to hoping that it WILL be.  True hope is more than just simply thinking “yeah that would be nice”.   True hope is actively hoping for it to come to pass.  It requires a persistence of thought and intent.  It’s an ongoing visualization of your desire, not just an admission of worth.

The perfect examples of hope are children.  For children are full of optimism – the world hasn’t yet had time to erode their ability to see what can be, by beating them over the head with what IS.  Because of this, to children the world is full of possibilities.  And when they decide to hope for something, it’s not some passive desire, it consumes their thoughts, it’s forefront in their minds.

Have you ever told a child that you’re “thinking” about doing something fun, like going to Disneyland, or going to get ice-cream, or whatever.  From the moment they think that it’s even possible, they’re thinking about it.  Every moment they’re asking if they can, they visualize it, they see themselves there, they can almost taste it already, and they simply won’t let go of that vision.  That is active hope.

While optimism is simply meant to open our eyes, and see the things that are possible, looking past the limitations of reality, hope is where we actively desire for those things to be, and faith, the final step, is where you actually start to believe that they will come to pass.

So the exercise for today is to be hopeful.  Just try it.  Try hoping for something, something small if you must, but something. 

As you shrug off that pervasive power of pessimism and embrace the healthy hospitality of hope, it becomes an undiminishing well of endless energy, enthusiasm, determination and perseverance. 

Hope naturally dispels the dulling darkness of doubt and despair, which is why it’s so energizing.  Hope keeps us alive, it keeps us moving, and we could do nothing without it.


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