Ongofu gets a facelift!

It’s not that the last design was that bad (although it really wasn’t that good either) but it wasn’t quite as flexible as I needed it to be.  Now that I’ve got more posts, I need more room to grow, and this new style (having three columns) allows me a little more of that… room to grow that is.I haven’t spent much time on the real “design” aspect of it yet – primarily focusing first on the functionality and format (conflicting with my own post about form not following function).

On a side note, I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet or not, but I’m addicted to parentheses.  It’s like they give me an excuse to interject any random thought at any time I please.  It’s almost like it excuses my schizophrenic thinking because there’s actual punctuation to permit it (it really works).

Anyhow, I normally wouldn’t actually create a post for something so seemingly trivial, but realized that if I DID create a post, it would become an outlet for feedback – which isn’t trivial (since I aim to please).

So please, give me feedback.  Is the new navigation style better?  What do you miss (if anything… there I go again) about the old style? Etc.



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