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Every member a marketer

First let me point out that there’s a big difference between marketing and advertising.  Advertising is paid, public, intentional messages that you produce.  But marketing encompasses much, much more.  Marketing entails all the unintentional messages you send as well.

For a company that could be how you answer the phones, what your building looks like, they way in which you communicate to your customers, how you dress (Steve Job’s famous black shirt), etc.

Frequent flyers know that they get lots of expensive brochures, cards, and mailers from their chosen airline – that’s advertising.  But when you go to the gate and get a grumpy gate agent, or get on the plane and find it a mess, or have delays, etc. – that’s marketing.

Marketing is how you build a reputation; advertising is the “call to action”.  Marketing is cultivation whereas advertising is harvesting.

We’ve all heard the phrase “every member a missionary”.  Equally important is the concept of “every member a marketer”.

Everywhere you go, everything you do as a member of the church, you leave an impression – you send a message.  The cumulative messages sent by over 13 million Mormon members through their daily behavior -that’s marketing, and it’s tapped into every time a missionary presents a call to action.

We should always ask ourselves the important question… what impression am I making?  What message am I sending? 


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D. Todd Christopherson, New member of the 12 apostles

D. Todd Christopherson

 Elder D. Todd Christpherson, was just announced as the newly selected member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church, or commonly known as “The Mormons”), in the Solemn Assembly of Saturday Morning’s session of General Conference.

Here is the biography from Deseret Morning News:


Sustained to the First Quorum of the Seventy April 3, 1993, at age 48; called to the Presidency of the Seventy Aug. 15, 1998, and sustained Oct. 3, 1998. Former regional representative, stake president, stake president’s counselor, and bishop. Received bachelor’s degree from BYU, juris doctorate from Duke University. Former associate general counsel of NationsBank Corp., (now Bank of America) in Charlotte, N.C.; practiced law in Washington, D.C., Tennessee and North Carolina, and was volunteer chairman of Affordable Housing of Nashville, Tenn. Born Jan. 24, 1945, in American Fork, Utah, to Paul V. and Jeanne Swenson Christofferson. Wife, Katherine Jacob Christofferson; parents of five children.

  • Here is an article announcing this in the Deseret Morning News.
  • Here you can listen to Elder D. Todd Christopherson’s “When Thou Art Converted”, teaching on conversion, prayer, and service.
  • Here you can listen to Elder Christopherson speak on “Allegiance to God” and here you can download it.
  • Here you can read his talk on “Becoming a Witness of Christ” (which is very intetersting).

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Ongofu gets a facelift!

It’s not that the last design was that bad (although it really wasn’t that good either) but it wasn’t quite as flexible as I needed it to be.  Now that I’ve got more posts, I need more room to grow, and this new style (having three columns) allows me a little more of that… room to grow that is.I haven’t spent much time on the real “design” aspect of it yet – primarily focusing first on the functionality and format (conflicting with my own post about form not following function).

On a side note, I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet or not, but I’m addicted to parentheses.  It’s like they give me an excuse to interject any random thought at any time I please.  It’s almost like it excuses my schizophrenic thinking because there’s actual punctuation to permit it (it really works).

Anyhow, I normally wouldn’t actually create a post for something so seemingly trivial, but realized that if I DID create a post, it would become an outlet for feedback – which isn’t trivial (since I aim to please).

So please, give me feedback.  Is the new navigation style better?  What do you miss (if anything… there I go again) about the old style? Etc.