Pondering the Plan of Salvation

The Plan of Salvation has always been a rather common thing in my mind, just another one of those Mormon Sunday school topics that so often gets glossed over and trivialized.  But recently, as I’ve reconsidered the importance of the Plan of Salvation, and reflected on the temple experience, I’ve come to appreciate it for much more than just some simple sequence of events. The Plan of Salvation is the architecture of our existence.  It’s the substructure underlying all that we do, outlining our path back to the Father.

The Plan of Salvation presents to us the sweeping panorama of Gods purpose and eternal love.  The more I’ve considered it, the more I believe that in nothing is the love of God more plainly manifest than in the Plan of Salvation.


On a side note, nowhere is the Plan of Salvation more clearly and beautifully presented then in the temple (read that post here).

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  1. Clint says:

    What does salvation save us from?

    You might find the answer here:

    “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Since, therefore, we have now been justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from THE WRATH OF GOD.” -Romans 5:9

    From Rusty:

    Great description. Thanks for your addition!

  2. kelly miller says:

    Who is Jesus Christ?

    The Father asked
    Whom shall I send?
    Who’ll follow my plan
    To the very end?

    One spoke freely
    I, Thy First Son
    Here am I, send me
    And Thy will be done.

    And in protest
    With his own plan
    A son took to test
    Till one third was banned

    Before us epochs
    Behind us aeons
    Creation in check
    And a world soon spawns

    A place for man
    The earth was formed
    By Jehovah’s hand
    Our God, it was for

    In God’s image
    First man was made
    As Jehovah pledged
    God’s glory displayed

    Adam and Eve
    In the Garden
    Used their agency
    And fell from Eden

    He heav’n fallen
    Came to tempt Eve
    Adam determined
    He too must believe

    Left free to choose
    There’s repentance…
    But wicked hands bruise
    And there’s consequence

    Where’s mankind’s place?
    In our God’s plan?
    Jesus would show grace
    And save earth and man

    The Bread of Life
    The Messiah
    The Alpha of Light
    And the Omega

    Would come to earth
    Born of Mary
    With humble birth
    Sins load to carry

    With all man’s guilt
    And sorrow too
    Drops of blood were spilled.
    Borne for me and you.

    Evil piled
    Too, mortal pain
    Us, He reconciled
    He forsook hell’s claim

    He bore taunting
    And took abuse
    He suffered scourging
    With pain too profuse

    He the world’s Light
    With His legions
    Layed down His own life
    To take it again

    The ransom paid
    Soon the earth reeled.
    In the tomb He lay.
    Was the law fulfilled?

    Twas He who died
    For all our sins
    He hated and tried
    When would He ascend?

    On the third day
    He was risen
    And mankind was saved
    To live without end

    I kneel this time
    In gratitude
    Agency is mine
    This I choose to do

    Based on article by
    President Packer
    From the special Jesus Christ Ensign


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