I have a dream

 Tonight I came home from work, pulled into the driveway, and burst into the house with my typical loud and obnoxious “HELLOOOO MY FAMILYYYY” greeting.  That’s always followed by a stampede of 5 pairs of little feet, rushing to hug Daddy first (my favorite part of the day).

Then, of course, is a chaotic rush of everyone trying to tell me about their day first.  Each person tries so hard to patiently wait their turn, but occasionally just bursts out like some sort of water balloon filled too tightly – it cracks me up.

But today, after the novelty of my arrival wore off, dinner was done, and dishes were cleaned, I sat down on the couch with my 8 year old and asked him to show me his report card and other school work.

He proudly opened up his school folder to a yellow sheet of paper and said “Dad, first I want to show you this, I thought of you when I wrote this, let me read it to you…. And don’t read ahead!”

Here is what he wrote:

I have a dream

“I have a dream that I will be a good father when I grow up.  And that my kids will like me as a father.  Because I want to have fun with them so they won’t be unhappy.  I will take them out to the theaters to watch shows and go by them ice cream.  I’ll take them to bed on my shoulders, and tuck them in every night.”

What a way to top off a day.  And Tyson, I have the same dream, now and for eternity.


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