Funeral for a prophet

Tomorrow morning I’ve got tickets to go to President Hinckley’s funeral.  Saying I’m excited is probably the wrong way to describe it, but it’s something like that.  With how much he was loved, I think the ceremony is bound to be touching and inspiring, and I’m fortunate to be able to be there.  The news today was saying that there are expected to be some 150,000 people coming to Temple Square to join the ceremony in any way they can, and today there were simply swarms of people, families, gathered around in unfathomably long lines, all waiting to get in to the viewing.

I personally find it inspiring that so many people would take time out of their day to pay tribute to the Prophet we all loved so much.

On that note, today my bishop forwarded to me a tribute from CNN talk show host Glenn Beck, where he paid a touching tribute to the prophet on live TV (click here to watch it).

I was so impressed that he would have the courage to speak out, to voice his opinion, and to make himself heard on something he thought was timely and important.  I think too often we don’t do that, we keep things to ourselves (often because we’re afraid of causing offense), and the world would likely be a better place if we all spoke out a little more.  (See my blog post on “why I keep this blog” for more thoughts on that…)

I’ll post my thoughts on the funeral tomorrow, and pay my own public tribute to such a fantastic soul.


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